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American Metal Arts Studios Replicas


We at American Metal Arts Studios have the unique ability to reproduce any machine, product, vehicle, or instrument in miniature. We can create product replicas for advertising or movies, or metal reproductions to be used as props. These can be caricatures or precise reproductions. Of course this entails either the original drawings being used as reference, or the actual product is supplied in order to make the replica.
Replica of a Piano Pewter with gold plating antique finishThe Piano Pewter with gold plating antique finish

Sphinx Replica of the Sphinx at the LA Public LibrarySphinx  Replica of the Sphinx at the LA Public Library

Highly Detailed Metal Replicas - A Superior Quality Product

Because of the exquisite detail and the weight of the piece it has a perceived value that surpasses the actual costs. Many companies like to have replicas made of new products, or use them as desk ornaments.

These replicas can be used for educational purposes as well and are economical compared to actual models. We have made replicas of countless machines and aircraft that have all the detail imaginable.

We have made in the past reproductions of the Star Trek Enterprise, the moon Landers, as well as many antique cars ships, animals, and everyday items like the Hamburger and Piano pictured on the left.

Hamburger Pewter with gold plating antique finish

Because of our mold process we can reproduce the smallest of details. Of course logos can be put into the product as desired.

Sometimes the logos can be prominent and attention drawn to the logo primarily. This is an excellent advertising tool.


Capital Records replica of Holywood Landmark

So far we haven't been presented with a job that we couldn't reproduce in miniature.


Michael De Medina
American Metal Arts Studios: Custom Metal Work, trophies awards, medallions, metal sculptures, jewelry and accessories

Custom Trophies, Awards and Keychains, and Scuplture

Wide Variety of Custom Made Metal Work and Metal Sculptures

American Metal Art Studios offers a wide variety of metal work products proudly Made in the USA and
Made in China!!  From:

Full Gallery of Michael De Medina for more images of metal art work and metal sculpting
Visit the Michael De Medina Studios Online Gallery for more custom art including sculptures and paintings.

Display your Christian and Catholic faith and devotion with these divine, hand sculpted religious jewelry
Exquisite, Hand Sculpted
Religious Jewelry

Michael De Medina
High Quality Craftsmanship, Custom Metal
Casting and Art proudly made in the USA

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