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American Metal Arts Designs made the cover of people magazine

Our Designs have even
made the cover
of People Magazine
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Expert Metal Work Craftsmanship

American Metal Arts Studios, Inc. specializes in superior quality, custom, one of a kind metal art, sculpting, white metal casting, Medallions, and custom awards and trophies. Michael De Medina, founder of American Metal Arts, boasts a robust amount of experience in creating and designing custom sculptures and awards for movies and television commercials, large corporations such as GM, Max Factor, Phillip Morris, AT&T, Mattel Toys, 21st Century Insurance, and Commissioned Art for celebrities, including the late king of pop, Michael Jackson. We welcome you to browse our product pages which showcases a very extensive and diverse gallery of work. Please contact us with any questions or for a free instant quote!
Precision and Hand finished Detailing American Metal Art Studios' Metal Art WorkHigh quality craftsmanship makes the difference

Michael De Medina's craftsmanship is renowned worldwide. He was commissioned to produce the 14k gold pins that were worn by President Reagan and Chairman Gorbachev at the 1987 Washington, D.C. Summit, as well as Medallions to commemorate Pope John Paul II visit to the U.S. and Mexico in 1999. In 2007 he was selected to redesign and produce the Minerva Award-- the very prestigious award presented by California First Lady Maria Shriver at the Women's Conference Awards Ceremony.

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We separate ourselves from the competition

Our method of spin casting in vulcanized rubber molds, allow us to achieve the highest detail, on versatile designs and slopes. Our castings are individually hand cleaned, deburred and polished. Sometimes we will solder together multiple parts, thereby achieving complicated awards designs. This unique ability to cast, combined with sculpting talent and experience, makes our company excel far beyond other award and trophy manufacturers.
Located near the Los Angeles, CA area north of Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley. We accept orders from all over the United States and we do accommodate international orders as well. Our prices are very competitive as we look to save costs whenever possible.

We offer custom mould making and a full production refinery at our facility. No need to outsource or import! Our Products are definitely NOT Made in China!
American Metal Arts Studios Processing & Production
Black vulcanized rubber molds with molten metal

Metal Art Work for any Event or Occasion

  • Award Ceremonies Trophies for Corporate and Athletic / Sporting Events
  • Movie and TV Product Replicas / Promotional items / Reproductions & Props
  • Custom Sculptures for Home or Office Decor
  • Custom Metal Replicas, Figurines, and Miniatures as Promotional Products or Advertising tools for your company.

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Along with Metal Art Work and Sculpting we specialize in:

Highly Detailed Metal Replicas and Miniatures
Everyday Aliens series of miniature metal alien figures
  • Custom Mould Making
  • Affordable Metal Casting Reproductions
  • Novelties & One-of-a-kinds
  • Handmade Costume & Religious Jewelry
  • Music Jewelry from Hip Hop Bling to Heavy Metal Spikes
  • White Metal Casting
  • Industrial Metal Casting
  • Souvenirs
  • Decorative Hardware
  • Commissioned Sculptures and Statues
  • Designer Belt Buckles, Zipper Pulls
  • Metal Accessories for the Garment, Shoe, and Bag Industry


From custom Awards & Trophies to Zipper Pulls, American Metal Arts has the skill
and expertise to mold, cast, and produce just about anything! Contact Us Today.




Custom Trophies, Awards and Keychains, and Scuplture

Wide Variety of Custom Made Metal Work, Awards and Sculptures

American Metal Art Studios offers a wide variety of metal work products proudly Made in the USA and
Made in China!!  From:

Online Art Gallery
Visit the Michael De Medina Studios
Art Gallery for more custom art including sculptures and paintings.

Custom High Quality, One-of-a-kind Awards & Trophies, Metal Art, Statues and White Metal Casting.
Custom Metal Art, Products & Props.
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High Quality Craftsmanship, Custom Metal
Casting and Art proudly made in the USA

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